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Your online presence helps you grow your customers and give them a marvelous experience. TunePOS software helps you to control your operations, give your customers a better dine-in experience. TunePOS dine-in software gives more than you need. You can explore it below


Dine-in POS

Provide a marvelous customer experience by taking your dine-in restaurant online. Manage all your bookings and your restaurant’s operations in a single dashboard, enhance your customer experience and grow your business.


You can easily convert your website visitors into your regular customer and start selling online, with high-quality images of food and your dine-in people their loves in their form of reviews. Good online reviews attract more and more customers or you can also use these reviews to show them on your website.



Online Ordering System

Well, Swiggy and Zomato are nice, but it would not hurt to have your online ordering system which can save you commission which you paying to food aggregators. Give your customers the facility of choosing their payment method. You can advertise in your local areas and give them a special festival offer at your dine-in restaurant.

Table Reservation System

Place high-quality images of your tables on your website and give your customers options to book their favorite place or table on your website. Show them an advantage of each table which will help in their decision making.



Mobile App

Build your brand and customers give them an extraordinary experience with your mobile app for your dine-in restaurant.

Give them alert features where a customer gets information about new dishes, offers, and discounts.

Kitchen Display System

Well, it does not seem quite productive going back and forth to the kitchen just for placing an order. That’s where a kitchen display system(KDS) helps. it does changes the process for the better.



Order Management

Manage your online orders and third party aggregators’ orders in a single dashboard. Convert easily your website visitors into your permanent customers. Customers book dine-in through your website and cut down the extra expenses which you give to third party aggregators commission cost.


With the help of the feedback system, the customer helps you to grow your restaurant business. You will get a bot that will talk to your customers 24/7 whether you are sleeping. By customer provided feedback you can improve your performance and get good reveiws.


Restaurant Pos Integrations

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