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A all in one Restaurant Management system to help you run your restaurant in better way.

All in One Restaurant Management Software

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TunePOS software helps you to manage all your operations in a single dashboard. You don’t need to change different dashboard at the same time, you save a lot of time and enhance your productivity & grow your business.


Manage all Orders in a Single Dashboard

Are you managing all your orders of third party aggregators- like your website, app, Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats, Foodpanda on a different dashboard? Here we make a solution for it which is tunes, TunePOS makes your life easier, saves time & helps in growing your business. TunePOS comes with the features where you manage all the third-party aggregators on a single dashboard.

Manages Calls on a Single Dashboard

Easy to use Interface

We make easy to use interface which  increase your employee efficiency by more than 50 %

Completely Integrated

We offer a complete integrated system that saves you from the complexity of maintaining different software for POS, stock & inventory.




You are out of the business, if you are not consistent with taste, TunePOS help you to keep track of an inventory that helps you to become an expert in your restaurant industry.

Actionable Reports

With the help of tunePOS system, you can access reports on your smartphone, tablet and your laptop easily.

Restaurant Management is the Key to Success


Our services are cost effective you don’t need to expend a huge amount of money

Real-Time Updates

TunePOS software provide you a real time updates, which can help you to improve your eficiency

Operates offline as well

Don’t take a tension, if your internet connection is lost our software operates online or offline as well

Fully Integrated Systems

TunePOS offers all in one restaurant management softwares. you dont need to change your system.

Connected to mobile 24*7

All your restaurants operations are connected to mobile. You can manage easily and make changes whatever you want

Easy to use

No need to expert in technology. even a 5 class student can run it easily

Support Availability

We are happy to help you, thats why we provide excellent support facility to our customers.

Analytics & Reporting

TunePOS help you in tracking and get complete analytics and reporting in real-time.

less maintenance

Less maintenance can not save only your money, it saves your time which is “precious” value.

Get your Restaurant Tuned

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Our clients got our back

“ TunePOS help a lot in my business, it does not give only services, it helps me to grow my business and 4 x my revenue. ”

image Abhishek Managing Partner

“ Special thanks to TunePOS, it solves all the problems of the restaurant, makes my life easier and grow my business. I have never found that before like tunePOS services. ”