Your QSR restaurant needs only speed and efficiency. TunePOS gives more than that

Grow your QSR restaurant by taking your QSR online and making simple for your customers. TunePOS helps to run your day to day operations, your website orders, third party aggregators orders, kitchen display system, inventory management, and feedback system and much more for your QSR restaurant.


Make your own branded website which creates high trust. Use high graphics, delightful images and promote it by giving special offers.
Choose from a variety of design that best fits your business website, give them a minimum time period for their orders and deliver on time which makes your restaurant QSR restaurant



Online Ordering

Become a QSR restaurant you have to build your brand, start your own online order platform and cut down the extra expenses or high commissions rate taken by the third-party aggregators. Engage your customers to directly order from your own website and app.

Table Reservation system

With the help of a table reservation system, your customer book your table through your website. You can easily manage all online booking on a single dashboard, you can get a notification on new booking on your smartphone, tablet or system which will help in your QSR restaurant.



Mobile App

Build your brand and customers give them an extraordinary experience with your mobile app for your QSR restaurant.
Give them alert features where a customer gets information about new dishes, offers, and discounts.

Online Order Management

Manage all your website orders and third-party aggregator’s orders on a single dashboard. Real-time order tracking, don’t wait for the third-party aggregators to make changes on your menu items, change your menu through your system. Get real-time data from your customer on your website.




TunePOS cloud-based restaurant POS helps you to manage your day to day QSR restaurant easily. POS reduces the waiting time of your customers, collects customers data and helps you to reuse, save time and take many advantages over it

Kitchen Display System

Well, it does not seem quite productive going back and forth to the kitchen just for placing an order. That’s where a kitchen display system(KDS) helps. it does changes the process for the better.



Inventory Management


Easily collects feedback through chatbox, which is very interactive for your customers. You can directly ask questions through your customer they provide an answer in the form of feedback which helps to take your QSR restaurant to the next level. 


Restaurant Pos Integrations

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“ Special thanks to TunePOS, it solves all the problems of the restaurant, makes my life easier and grow my business. I have never found that before like tunePOS services. ”